There are fourteen AMY Award categories. Nine categories are divided into two sub-categories - Product and Campaign. Another four categories are singularly focussed (one winner in each) with the AMY Grand Prix as the ultimate AMY Award (and one you have to earn via excellence in the other categories)

In total there are a possible 23 AMY Awards to be won. For each Award there are five finalists and one winner. There is no second-place.

Choose whether your entry should be in a product or campaign categories using these definitions for guidance:

Campaign is defined as a project with a start and an end date within the eligibility period. The project can include multiple touchpoints, single elements or an integrated campaign but must have digital at its heart.

Product is defined as a project with customer touchpoints, intended longevity, reinvigorating experience, enabling product. It must have significant re-tooling / restaging / evolvement actioned within the eligibility period to be eligible to enter

This award focuses on the product or campaign that demonstrates the best acquisition practice in online commerce. The winning entry will have helped the organisation to gain customers via excellence in original site design, usability, customer experience, service, fulfilment, conversion optimisation, shop-ability improvements or better paths to purchase. Open to any product or service from any online entity - including pureplay retail, e-payment systems and online advertising websites.

This award focuses on excellence in a product or campaign incorporating innovative and effective gamification to entertain and engage customers. Open to a website, app, campaign or other digital medium designed to boost brand or product engagement. Examples of past campaigns in the award are Mecca’s Monopoly, FTV; Foxtel kids; Royal Easter show and triple M.

This award focuses on the best in tools, apps, online services and other digital offerings devoted to simplifying, streamlining or just improving the daily life of customers. The entry could address everyday improvements in specific spheres of the customer’s life – such as home, work, childcare, travel, food or entertaining. For example past entries could include utilities apps such as NRMA, government initiatives such as Citilink updates or apps that connect customers with quick on-hand services such as Glamazon and Airtasker.

Open to education, travel, recreational and other education providers, this award focuses on engagement and experiential excellence in products or campaigns that combine technology and digital touchpoints with traditional educational approaches. Entries can address specific stages in traditional educational offering or the overall offering experience - including strengthening cross-channel functionality. Entries might also be an offering that educates outside formal or traditional structures.

The award focuses on the role of excellent business strategy and internal methodology in campaign rollouts or product launches. The winning entry will describe a sound, innovative and business effective approach that will be used by the business going forward.

This award focuses on outstanding examples of social good businesses using digital technologies to aid the business and help deliver greater value to their audience. This award is a classic example of where product launch or campaign meets purpose.

This award focuses on innovation in loyalty via retention activities, CRM, DMB, personalisation, strategy or database. The winning entry will combine an imaginative initiative with innovation, technology and tangible, positive results. Either an original and practical product or an exciting campaign, the entry will be able to demonstrate excellence to retain existing customers.

This award focuses on the role of digital, technology and services to help customers follow a healthy living regime. The winner will focus product or campaigns on customers who want to live a healthy lifestyle including food and fitness. Be it a service available across devices and touchpoints, a single health living product such as a meal plan or an experience to further to goal toward healthy living, the winner will showcase the value delivered to the customer.

Ingenuity in the field of emerging technology and digital is the focus of this award. This award focuses on work or product that ‘punched above its weight’ with a big, ground breaking idea that may have or have not excelled.

This award is a unique and inspiring opportunity to honour the achievements and hard work of the people and teams behind the success stories. Nominating your client and agency team for this award, brings valuable exposure and credentials for your brand or company. But above all it inspires others in the industry to aspire to achieve the same success with their clients and agencies. The same judging criteria apply however your entry should focus on how collaboration within the client-agency team enabled the work to meet or exceed the each of the four criteria.

This award focuses on the best student work of the year. It is open to any full-time student (or group of students) of any Australian school, University, TAFE or other tertiary educational institution. The same judging criteria apply to student submitted work and how the work might meet or exceed the each of the four criteria.

This award focuses on the best digital team of the year; the team that best displays overall excellence, original thinking, creativity and excellence in the work that they have achieved throughout the year. (This category is open to ‘client-side’ teams only.) The same judging criteria apply to the team’s work and how the work might meet or exceed the each of the four criteria.

This award focuses on the best digital-focused start-up of the year; the business that is leading the way with new, innovative, and scalable digital business concepts and was formed within the last 2 years. The same judging criteria apply to start-up submitted work and how the work might meet or exceed the each of the four criteria.

The award focuses on the best entry submission across all categories and criteria. The winner of this category will be judged by the third round of live judging. This category is not open for separate entry submissions.