Strategy (20%)

How well does the strategy encapsulate the objectives;

How clearly identified is the target audience & understanding of user needs, behaviours and motivations?

Creative (20%)

What role did evidence and data-insights have in constructing the creative concept?

How does the creative idea achieve objectives and deliver the desired result?

Execution (20%)

How was the creative concept brought to life to reach the targeted audience and persuade interaction?

How did it drive customer engagement with the brand?

Delivery (20%)

Does the Campaign or Product resonate via relevant touchpoints & smart use of channels/platforms?

Is the Campaign or product crafted to deliver a user-friendly, consistent and reliable experience?

Do the technical elements add to a positive experience for consumers?

Does the build leverage emerging technologies without detracting from the user experience?

Results (20%)

How well does the Campaign or Product achieve objectives and deliver against goals?

Are there metrics and a detailed case study to support?

What were the user satisfaction and effectiveness outcomes?